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Earnest Communication is an Instagram strategy consultancy. They coach small business owners in simple and sustainable Instagram strategies for impactful growth without the overwhelm.

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Earnest Communication is a boutique social media agency founded by Laura Miller. She has realized that social media management and implementation isn't feeling aligned for her anymore. She has decided to pivot her offerings to primarily Instagram strategy and consulting. This allows her to operate her business more nimble, with less overhead and team management. With this offering refinement, she'll be targeting a higher-end clientele. She called upon us to help revamp her DIY brand into a more thoughtful and sophisticated brand. One that better represents the new high-end services of Earnest Communication. 

Starting with a brand clarity session, we worked with Laura to better understand Earnest Communication as it is now and create a Road Map for where she would like it to grow. This Road Map included all the core elements of her business: mission statement, core values, customer profiles, brand messaging, and much more.

Armed with this tremendous information, we could then thoughtfully design a timeless, recognizable brand that resonates with her ideal customers, and aligns with her new high-end offerings.

About Earnest Communication

Laura Miller
Owner & Founder of Earnest Communication

Shelby is so sweet, professional, and wonderful to work with. She really took the time to understand my business & bring my brand back to life. Her brand clarity session is valuable and well worth the investment. Through this experience, Shelby asked great questions that helped me get more confident & clear on my messaging and overall brand positioning. I highly recommend Shelby for your strategic design needs!

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