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When you’re first starting out in business, that bootstrap mindset is SO essential. But when you’re trying to grow and scale your business, there comes a point where your time is better spent doing your genius work. 

Spending hours making small tweaks to your website here and there to ‘get you through’ won’t cut it if you truly want to take your business to the next level.

Working with us will save YOU time to focus on growing your business (or taking a day off!). 

And with our strategy, your website will actually work FOR you and convert viewers to customers. It’s truly a win-win.⁠

One of the biggest reasons business owners hit a growth plateau is because they’re still trying to do everything themselves. Here’s some real talk — you don’t need to be a master at everything. 

Being a business owner is overwhelming.

You already know this, but…

If you said yes, you’re in the right place!

So far your business has been running on referrals. You’re ready to scale your business, which means owning your online presence and digital marketing.

You feel like your brand, website, and marketing are all over the place and you’re ready to FINALLY get it all clarified and streamlined.

You’ve been meaning to update your brand and website for far too long, but don’t even know where to start and really don’t have the time.

Is this you?

We help passionate
entrepreneurs reach the
next level of business growth

What we do

All the designs you need to build trust with your customers online and in real life.

Custom Design

A beautiful, easy to navigate website infused with sales strategy that works FOR you.

Website Design

Brand Design

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A half day workshop that allows you to take a birds eye view of your business.

Brand Clarity

How We Help

Our Services

Brand designs that impress, resonate with your customers, and stand the test of time.

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"Working with Shelby has been a dream! Shelby is a true collaborative creative partner that wants to understand the “why” behind a need and provides recommendations with confidence."

- Stephanie Wysocki
Marketing Manager at Angelic Bakehouse

We call ourselves a fluid design agency because our team is nimble and constantly growing. While our core team is small, we have a roster of specialists we can call upon based on our clients needs. We will happily bring on specialist team members for specific projects.

Our Team Is Scaleable 

We are here to guide you through this process. You teach us about your business and your customers. We take those insights, add a dash of marketing strategy, and together we create a thoughtful brand and an effective website that brings your company lasting success.

We're A Collaborative Partner

We believe that business, design, and marketing are not separate things, but instead one interwoven system. One cannot be touched without affecting the other. Therefore, we design brands and websites that align with your longterm business and marketing goals.

Our Holistic Approach

The first step when working with us is always a brand clarity session. In this session, we learn about you, your business currently, and that dreamy vision of where you want it to go. This session gives you the space to look objectively at your business and own that CEO role! 

Strategy Is Always First

What Makes
Us Different

After the session, we create what we call a Brand Road Map. This document serves as the 'bible' of all the foundations of your business and brand. This is great thing to reference when creating new things for your business. It's also a good idea to share this document with your team to ensure everyone is working with the same integrity towards the same common goals.

What do I get after the session?

Our primary goal in this session is to better understand you, your business goals, and your customers. We come with a list of questions to go through, but it’s very common for other questions to come up related to branding and marketing. We will happily answer and advise as best we can!

What kinds of things will we talk about in the session?

Starting out with a brand clarity session is a great idea. This will give you and your team the opportunity to find clarity around your short and long term business goals. We’ll also clarify who your customers are and how you are different from your competition. Uncovering this information will help you feel confident about what are the right next steps to take in your business. 

What’s the benefit of booking just the session first?

Frequently asked questions

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Mission + Vision Statements
Brand Core Values
Brand Goals
Target Audience Refinement
Customer Profiles
Brand Personality + Voice
Brand Roadmap Doc

what’s included

Every new project with Shelby Design Co begins with a brand clarity session. In this 3-4 hour session, we help you and your team find clarity and strategy in your business, brand, and online presence. It’s kind of like therapy for your business — get ready for some serious ‘aha’ moments! This session is also available as an independent service. After your brand clarity session, if you decide to book a brand or website package within 30 days, the cost of your session is applied to your total package costs.

Brand Clarity Session

We design brands and websites for the longterm - with the goal of it lasting you for decades. That’s why we don’t rush the process, we want to get it right. Because your business deserves that VIP treatment. 

Our Signature

Work with us

A Brand Guidelines Document is essential for keeping your brand cohesive. This document is the rulebook for you and your team to understand how to use your unique brand elements. It’s good practice to continue referencing this guide to ensure consistency. 

What is a brand guidelines doc?

Prior to designing any logos, we first create and share a mood board or stylescape to ensure all parties are on the same page about the direction of the design. This helps reduce the need for many logo revisions. After our initial presentation, two rounds of revisions are included. If further edits are needed, additional fees may apply.

How many rounds of revisions are included?

A brand is so much more than just a logo. That’s kind of like putting one decorative chair in an otherwise empty, all-white room. In order to create an impactful brand, we must thoughtfully choose colors, fonts, patterns, and more that together evoke a mood and tell the story of your brand. 

Do I need the other elements besides just the logo?

Frequently asked questions

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Brand Strategy Session
Mood Board/Stylescape
Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Color Palette
Font Selections
Accent Designs/Badges/Patterns
Brand Guidelines Doc

what’s included

Your brand is your customer’s first impression of your business. Whether they realize it or not, they are making assumptions about your business based on their past experiences with other brands. If your brand looks amateur, it gives the impression that your service or product is amateur too. Yikes! Let’s make your brand look and feel as professional and high-end as the product or service you provide. 

Signature Branding Design

The short answer is, it depends. If you’re already familiar working in the website platform we choose, you’re welcome to make edits as needed. Upon request, we do offer a 1:1 walk-through and training on how to use the backend of your site. If you’d rather we took care of edits, we do offer ongoing website maintenance support at $100/hour. 

After we’re done, will I be able to edit my site myself?

From start to finish, website design is typically a 12-week process. We design your website with the goal of it lasting you many years - we want to get it right and not rush the process. Following your launch day, we include 30 days of free tech support if any bugs or tech things pop up.

How long is the website design process?

We build websites on Wordpress, Showit, Shopify, and Squarespace. One platform isn’t better than another, it just simply caters to a different type of business. We’re happy to help advise which platform would work best for your business. Keep in mind you will be responsible for platform subscription fees and domain registration.

What platforms do you build with?

Frequently asked questions

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Brand Strategy Session
Website Strategy + Sitemap
Website Wireframe
Website Copywriting
Branding Refinement (if necessary)
Branding Integration
Lead Magnet Integration
Brand Photo Integration
Stock Photo Sourcing
Basic SEO Services
Website Development
Domain Integration + Connection
Launch Plan Doc + Graphics 

what’s included

We design effective websites using customer-focused marketing strategy and clear messaging. Using the highly effective StoryBrand approach, we shape your messaging to speak to your customer’s primary pain points, explain simply how you can help them, and why you’re qualified to do so. The final result is a professional website that resonates with your customers, increases inquiries, and overall business revenue.

Signature Website Design

Yes! After designing your brand, it’s common to want that brand represented effectively on your social media and other customer-facing collateral. We will use your brand elements to create customized design templates that you team can repurpose over and over.

Can you design templates that my team can edit?

Yes! Currently all of our custom design services are billed at our standard hourly rate. The deliverables can vary depending on your needs, but might include monthly social media graphics, email campaigns, lead magnet designs, and/or website maintenance.

Do you offer ongoing design support?

Frequently asked questions

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Collateral Design (Biz Cards, Brochures, Pricing Guides, etc.)
Social Media Design
Lead Magnet Design
Email/Newsletter Design
Packaging Design
Sales/Course Page Design

custom design services
Could include:

Branding is a long game. It’s about building relationships and growing an audience of people who know and trust your company. Consistent, on-brand collateral and marketing are the stepping stones to build trust with your audience and turns them into loyal customers.

Custom Design

Yes! A big part of the design process is ensuring seamless execution. We happily chat with printers and other suppliers to ensure your designs come out perfectly. Please note that printing/production fees are an additional cost. 

Do you coordinate with printers and suppliers?

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