Over 25+ years, Carole Chabries has worked in higher education in numerous positions at several institutions throughout Wisconsin. She has taught undergrad and graduate students as a faculty member, has held multiple leadership positions, and done just about everything in between. Throughout her career, she found a passion for teaching other teachers, which led her to leadership development. From 2015 to 2017, she privately coached leaders in higher education and notes it was the happiest she has ever been in her career. In 2021, she decided it was time to create her own leadership consulting company The Clareo Group. 

Our engagement with Carole began simply as a Brand Clarity Session. Our goal was to help her find clarity in her strengths, determine who she wanted to serve, and how to structure her services. Carole was so enthralled with our support, that she decided to invest in branding and website design packages. Over the course of four months, we worked together to create an identity for The Clareo Group. We worked to define and align her personal and professional strengths in order to create clear and concise offerings within the sphere of leadership development. We defined her mission as transforming higher ed organizations by unleashing the power of women’s leadership. To help women lead with purpose, make a genuine impact, feel fulfilled, and bring joy to their daily work. 

When designing the brand, we chose a bright, optimistic, and joyful color palette. We created logo designs that are professional and would feel ‘at home’ alongside other higher-ed organizations. We helped Carole arrange a brand photoshoot so she would have professional headshots and lifestyle brand photos for her new website. We strategically designed The Clareo Group website to frame her three core offerings and guide users through the sales journey. 

With this professional brand and website, she has gained the confidence and empowerment she needed to show up online and grow her following as a brand new business owner. She’s become very active on LinkedIn and launched a podcast, recording multiple episodes a week. Her courses will launch in the upcoming weeks and we look forward to seeing how her consulting business grows and develops. 

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The Clareo Group

The Clareo Group offers professional development and private consulting that prepares women to thrive in higher ed leadership through purposeful, joyful work.

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Carole Chabries
Leadership Consultant & Founder of
The Clareo Group

"I am immensely grateful for her expertise, kindness, and professionalism, and for making my business look so. damn. good."

Shelby took me from "yeah, sort of know what I want in my business refresh" to DAMN! in just a matter of months. She kept prodding me with thoughtful questions that helped me articulate what mattered to me most, and then she reflected it back to me in a brand roadmap and beautiful website. Although I hadn't budgeted for the work we did together I was so inspired by our exploratory conversation that I took the plunge and made the investment. I would 100% do it again. In fact, just a few days after launch someone told me my website was beautiful and I immediately recommended Shelby to him. I am immensely grateful for her expertise, kindness, and professionalism, and for making my business look so. damn. good. 

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