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The Framed Narrative

Founded by Maria Campbell, The Framed Narrative makes family photography easy for busy parents and fun for the whole family.

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Maria has been primarily a wedding photographer for the first six years of her business, operating under the name Maria Campbell Photography. In 2020, the stress of Covid made her question what she really wanted for business and life as a single mom of two. She wanted her weekends back with her girls. By 2021, she officially decided she had to pivot her business, no longer offering wedding photography, and focusing strictly on family photography. She renamed the company The Framed Narrative and opened a studio space in Milwaukee. She called upon us to help design a new identity and website for her business and help her find clarity in who she wanted to serve and how to structure her offerings.

During our Brand Clarity Session, we discovered the meaning behind the new name, The Framed Narrative comes from her love of printing and framing family photos. She wanted to make getting family photos printed easier and less stressful for parents. Since this was a strong value for her, we encouraged her to structure her photography packages to always include printed photos. We encouraged her to focus her sales flow on capturing new parents (ideally during pregnancy) so they can form a relationship with their photographer early on and continue working with her as their children grow up. From this idea, she created a membership option in which parents can pre-purchase four photo sessions, taking away the burden of remembering to schedule sessions throughout the year and missing out on documenting their child’s development. 

We created a website for her that beautifully expressed her new branding design, highlighted her unique value points, and took the viewer on a seamless user journey. We encouraged her to create a free download lead magnet to grow her list of expecting parents. We also created a hidden pricing page that requires viewers to opt-in via their email in order to view it. 

Maria is well on her way to a smooth transition out of wedding photography and set up for success with a trustworthy brand and an easy-to-use website that will help her continue to grow her new brand. 

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